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BitCurrencyPro v2.0

BitCurrencyPro is a PoS-based cryptocurrency.

It is dependent upon libsecp256k1 by sipa, the sources for which can be found here:

Building BitCurrencyPro

See doc/readme-qt.rst for instructions on building BitCurrencyPro QT, the intended-for-end-users, nice-graphical-interface, reference implementation of BitCurrencyPro.

See doc/build-*.txt for instructions on building BitCurrencyProd, the intended-for-services, no-graphical-interface, reference implementation of BitCurrencyPro.

1 min blocks 10 BTCRP/block 50% PoS Miner/50% to Masternode 3 confirms for sends 50 confirms for newly minted blocks 24 hours to mature new blocks for PoS mining 100,000 BTCRP for a Masternode. DefaultPort = 16814 RPCPort = 16815

<<<<<<<<<< Code snippet with the Magic Numbers >>>>>>>>>> pchMessageStart[0] = 0x80; pchMessageStart[1] = 0x42; pchMessageStart[2] = 0x13; pchMessageStart[3] = 0x09;

<<<<<<<<<< Add nodes (as of October 2017) >>>>>>>>>> addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode=

<<<<<<<<<< Firewall rule >>>>>>>>>> sudo ufw allow 16814/tcp