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That is really easy code (experimental). If you want to make something similar, use I am a student of Russian school 1411 (grade 10) and I wanna ask my teacher VI to give me 5 for this small project!


pip install school_1411


You can import my function with the following command:

import school_1411


To find first N Fibonacci numbers call the function fib_1() and input your number:


To find the roots of a quadratic or linear equation, use the function:


If you call function with 3 arguments, they will be arguments of quadratic equation ax2+bx+c=0. If you call function with 2 arguments, they will be arguments of linear equation bx + c = 0. If you call function with 1 argument, it will be argument of equation c = 0. This function returns a list of results.

That is all by now! See you soon!

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