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by Phil Toland

fixes and improvements by Michael Dominic K.


QLMarkdown is a simple QuickLook generator for Markdown files. It renders a preview of the selected Markdown file using Discount -- a C implementation of John Gruber's script.

To update to the latest version of discount run ./discount-config/

For more information on Markdown see


Simply copy QLMarkdown.qlgenerator to ~/Library/QuickLook or /Library/QuickLook.

If the newly installed plugin is not picked up instantly, you run qlmanage -r in a terminal to refresh.

To uninstall, drag QLMarkdown into the trash.


Source code is available at

You can download a binary release from


The QLMarkdown code is distributed under the same terms as Discount. See the file discount/COPYRIGHT for more information.

Version History

Version 1.3 - Jan 26, 2012

  • Major update of discount markdown engine

Version 1.2 - Oct 4, 2009

  • Work around a conflict with MacVim (thanks to godDLL)
  • Support for .mdml extension (alanhogan)
  • CSS that mimics Apple's ADC styling (jiho)

Version 1.1 - Feb 11, 2009

  • Adding a little bit of CSS styling. (mdk)
  • Replace the Perl markdown renderer with a native C one (discount). (mdk)
  • Conform to public plain-text. Will make spotlight index the file contents. (mdk)
  • Added support for .md file extension (sant0sk1)

Version 1.0 - July 15, 2008

  • Initial release.
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