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#import <QuickLook/QuickLook.h>
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#include "markdown.h"
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Generate a preview for file
This function's job is to create preview for designated file
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
OSStatus GeneratePreviewForURL(void *thisInterface, QLPreviewRequestRef preview,
CFURLRef url, CFStringRef contentTypeUTI,
CFDictionaryRef options)
CFDataRef data = (CFDataRef) renderMarkdown((NSURL*) url);
if (data) {
CFDictionaryRef props = (CFDictionaryRef) [NSDictionary dictionary];
QLPreviewRequestSetDataRepresentation(preview, data, kUTTypeHTML, props);
return noErr;
void CancelPreviewGeneration(void* thisInterface, QLPreviewRequestRef preview)
// implement only if supported
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