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Discount instructions

This folder holds the files generated by discount's script that are used by QLMarkdown.

Upgrading discount

To upgrade discount run ./discount-config/ This script automates the steps oulined below:

  1. Upgrade the discount repo
  2. Generate dynamic configuration infotmation

Manually upgrading discount

Discount is included as a fake submodule. To upgrade or test other versions of discount, delete the files in the discount directory and clone a new local repository into it:

rm -rf discount/
git clone git:// discount

The discount folder will contain a .git folder following the clone however this folder is not included in the enclosing repository and will not be propagated by a push or clone.

Config files

When discount is changed, regenerate the config files. The included script should do this automatically.

If you want to update the files by hand, remove the "configuration for markdown, generated" comments at the head of config.h to avoid adding needless patches to the git history.