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Example application of using Next with Tolgee


This application is using Create Next App. To learn more about Tolgee, visit

To run the app in dev mode

To install dependencies, run:

npm install

To run the app in dev mode with in-context translating mode:

  1. Create a project on Tolgee Cloud or use self-hosted Tolgee Server.
  2. Generate an API-KEY
  3. Copy file .env to .env.development.local
  4. Set NEXT_PUBLIC_TOLGEE_API_KEY to API key obtained in previous step
  5. Run npm run dev
  6. Have fun

To run the app in production mode

To build the app for production run:

npm run build

To start local server with build app, run:

npm run start

This repository is automatically re-published from Tolgee JS monorepo.