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Tolgee JS
The monorepo containing JS integrations of Tolgee


Tolgee is an open-source alternative to Crowdin, Phrase, or Lokalise with its very own revolutionary integrations.

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This repository contains browser integration packages of the Tolgee Localization platform.

It provides the ability to easily manage localization texts directly in the context of a web application developed by you.

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Package Version
@tolgee/core @tolgee/core version
@tolgee/web @tolgee/web version
@tolgee/react @tolgee/react version
@tolgee/ngx @tolgee/react version
@tolgee/vue @tolgee/vue version
@tolgee/svelte @tolgee/svelte version
@tolgee/i18next @tolgee/i18next version
@tolgee/format-icu @tolgee/format-icu version

Why to use Tolgee?

Because it saves a lot of time, you would spend on localization tasks without it. Because it enables you to provide perfectly translated software.


  • All-in-one localization solution for your JS application 🙌
  • Out-of-box in-context localization 🎉
  • Automated screenshot generation 📷
  • Translation management platform 🎈
  • Open-source 🔥

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To learn more, visit



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