CORS and JSONP QUnit tests for the Aerogear JS REST adapter.
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aerogear-js-cors-jsonp-tests Build Status

This project contains CORS and JSOP QUnit tests for the Aerogear-JS Pipeline REST adapter.

How it works

The aerogear-js-qunit-cors-jsonp-tests project contains the QUnit JavaScript unit tests pipeline-rest-cors-jsonp-tests.js and an Arquillian-QUnit test case

Arquillian QUnit is an Arquillian extension which automates the QUnit JavaScript testing and transparently integrates with the JUnit testing framework. Therefore it can be easily used to execute QUnit JavaScript unit tests in continuous integration environments.

aerogear-rest-service project contains a REST web service which produces some valid dummy responses.

The archives produced from the above mentioned projects are deployed on separate JBoss 7.1.1 Application Server instances and they run on different ports. The archive produced from the aerogear-js-cors-jsonp-test project is deployed on a JBoss 7.1.1 AS instance 1 and runs on port 8080 and the one produced from the aerogear-rest-service is deployed on a JBoss 7.1.1 AS instance 2 and runs on port 8081(HTTP) and 8444(HTTPS).

Travis CI execution

Apparently, a browser is needed in order to execute the QUnit tests on Travis CI. Travis CI environment contains X Virtual Framebuffer and Firefox pre-installed. The X Virtual Framebuffer is an X11 server that performs all the GUI operations in memory, without showing screen output and can be used to run a real GUI application or web browser on a headless machine, as if a proper display were attached. Since the default version of Mozilla Firefox which is pre-installed on Travis CI machines is not the latest one, we manually install a newer version using the addons command.