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Grunt Jboss AS Sample Example

This folder contains an example which depicts how to use the grunt-jboss-as Grunt plugin.

Specifically this example uses the grunt-jboss-as plugin to:

  • Download and extract JBoss AS
  • Start JBoss AS with customized JVM parameters, custom HTTP/HTTPS ports and setup a keystore
  • Build a Maven project
  • (Re)deploy an archive on JBoss AS
  • Kill the JBoss AS process

The default task is a showcase task which executes the above tasks and runs some QUnit Test Suites which contain CORS/JSONP tests for the Aerogear JS library. In order to execute it you need to clone the aerogear-js-cors-jsonp-tests repository (which contains the REST service used by our QUnit tests) at the same level where grunt-jboss-as project exists.


Install the required dependencies:

npm install

Execute the default task: