Clean Rails 3.2.7 Install - New locale has 106 translations required #18

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I created a brand new rails project, and added tolk and nothing else.

Creating a new locale says there are 106 translations required. It would be great if these could be reduced or eliminated to save translators time.

I first noticed that tolk was adding will_paginate translations required, when tolk is the only reason will_paginate is included. It would be nice for these not to be included if will_paginate isn't used anywhere else.

The other items that are created are likely from standard rails items. Perhaps they could be automatically seeded from a localization project such as

sgrosse commented Aug 28, 2014

I came across this issue a few months ago. I would also prefer to tell Tolk somehow to not import the default translations of an app. The easiest way to get rid of this, is to get default files like the ones from svenfuchs and move them into a subfolder e.g. "defaults". It's possible you'll have to tell your app in application.rb to check subfolders for locales, had this in 3.1.x. Then rake tolk:import will import all the default translations and you won't have open translations for your new locale anymore. Lot's of overhead but saves translators time and prevents them from putting stupid things and later you wonder why € values have : as a separator and $ as unit.


An option now allows to only import certain files from the locales

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