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Feature: Have a way for localizers to flag translations #20

timhaines opened this Issue Aug 21, 2012 · 1 comment

2 participants


A couple of translators working on Favstar are adding some strings (such as ???) when they've translated something but want to review it later. It would be cool if this could be a native flag feature - leaving the translation as pristine as they can make it..

You'd want a list of translation you or others have flagged..


hey timhaines,

for us it would be nice to somehow automatically flag new translation in the web interface to establish a workflow for a QA. It should be just as easy as somehow flag webtranslated keys per locale (which normaly just disappear to the translated messages) and (optional) accept/unflag them. maybe this is even just a different web-view on the translations, reflecting the sync state?

i don't know if this is exactly related to the translator tagging you suggested, but there are some similarities. but maybe this should be another feature suggestion?


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