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Small script to visualize the activity in the TYPO3 Core
JavaScript PHP
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Visualize the TYPO3 Core activity....

Disclaimer: These scripts are very "hacky" and I never thought that the results would ever be so nice and worth beeing published. I'm really ashamed that I didn't go the TDD way here.

License: I don't care what you do with it -> MIT license (see license.txt)

These steps are required to get it working

  • Get a fresh copy of the TYPO3 Core and it's submodules ( see )
  • Clone this repository to some place
  • Run php core-stat.php /path/to/your/core/checkout /path/for/the/output within the checkout of that repo (Might take some time).
  • Find some files containing the rendered statistics in /path/for/the/output
  • Copy ìndex.html`, graph.js`, raphael.js, ajax-loader.gif, style.css``from the repo also into ``/path/for/the/output

To get it working with other repositories

  • Check the core-stat.php and change $modules to use the proper submodule paths (if you've any).
  • Check the core-stat.php and change the $stateDate to have a reasonable value
  • Check StatGenerator::mapName``within ``core-lib.php and adjust the names to fit your repo.
  • Remove my flattr buttons and Google Analytics stuff from the source-codes ;)


The script holds "old" commit data in a local cache ( ) - that's mainly to avoid duplicate processing of commit history. It's odd to have this file laying around with data when programming - so better delete it before you check your modifications.

Have fun with it and share your results!

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