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is a Fractal add-on that let's you test your components against Tenon for accessibility issues.


To add Tenon support to your Fractal instance, run

npm install fractal-tenon --save


To add the Tenon tab to your component view and enable accessibility testing, you need to add some lines to your fractal.js project configuration:

'use strict';

const fractal = module.exports = require('@frctl/fractal').create();

/* Regular project configuration here ... */

// Require the Fractal theme and Tenon add-on libraries
const mandelbrot = require('@frctl/mandelbrot');
const tenon = require('fractal-tenon');

// Explicitly create a theme instance
const theme = mandelbrot(/* {...} */);

// Configure Tenon support
tenon(theme, {
    apiKey: 'TENON_API_KEY',
    publicUrl: ''

// Let Fractal use the configured theme

You need to provide two parameters to configure Tenon support:

  1. Tenon API Key: You will find this one under the "API Key" section on your dashboard (account required).
  2. Public URL: Your Fractal instance needs to be publicly available for Tenon to fetch and test your components. Provide the fully qualified URL (including scheme and port if necessary).

If configured correctly, Fractal should show you a new panel labelled "Tenon" in your component view.

Tenon panel in Fractal

You may control its position by explicitly configuring the panels option of your Fractal theme (e.g. Mandelbrot):

const theme = mandelbrot({
    panels: ['html', 'view', 'tenon', 'info']

Hitting the "Test with Tenon" button will call Tenon and display a short version the issues found for your component. You may view the full test results on;

Known problems

  • The client JavaScript involved requires you to use a fairly recent browser version
  • The module is in a very early stage and might have bugs. Please let me know if you spot one!


  • Add tests


Please refer to the changelog for a complete release history.


Copyright © 2017 Joschi Kuphal / @jkphl. fractal-tenon is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.