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litmus: WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite. Tests include:

* OPTIONS for DAV: header
* PUT, GET with byte comparison
* DELETE (collections, non-collections)
* COPY, MOVE using combinations of:
 - overwrite t/f
 - destination exists/doesn't exist
 - collection/non-collection
* Property manipulation and querying:
 - set, delete, replace properties
 - persist dead props across COPY
 - namespace handling
* Locking
 - attempts to modify locked resource (as lock owner, not owner)
 - shared/exclusive locks, lock discovery

litmus comprises of a set of test suites as separate executables: each
program takes a URL on the command-line, optionally followed by
username and password.  To run all the suites from a built litmus
tree, use

   make URL=http://dav.server.url/path/ check

Where http://dav.server.url/path/ is a DAV-enabled collection.  litmus
must be able to create a new collection called 'litmus' at that
location.  The Makefile variable 'CREDS' can also be defined to be a
username/password separated by strings.  e.g. if you have a user 'jim'
defined with password '2518', use:

  make URL=http://dav.server.url/path/ CREDS="jim 2518" check

To aid debugging, litmus adds a header `X-Litmus-One' to every request
made.  After running a test suite, the file 'debug.log' includes a
full neon debugging trace (unless neon or litmus was configured
without debugging enabled!).

To use after installation is complete ('make install'), run the
'litmus' script, passing in a URL, optionally followed by the
username/password.  For instance:

     litmus http://dav.server.url/path/
 or  litmus http://dav.server.url/path/ jim 2518

you can also use docker to build and run litmus:

     docker build -t litmus .
     docker run litmus http://dav.server.url/path/ jim 2518

litmus is licensed under the GNU GPL; see COPYING for full details.
litmus is (C) 2001-2005 Joe Orton

neon is licensed under the GNU LGPL; see libneon/COPYING.LIB for details.
neon is (C) 1999-2005 Joe Orton and others.

Please send bug reports, feature requests, etc. in to the neon mailing
list at litmus@webdav.org.