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eugulixes nextcloud: upgrade apps to their latest versions
* Bookmarks: from v0.12.0-rc7 to v0.12.1
* Notes: from v2.4.0 to v2.4.1
* Spreed: from v3.99.11 to v3.99.12
Latest commit 2a3d6ca Sep 1, 2018



Nextcloud is a self-hosted file storage and synchronization service.

Version 14 RC2
Release date 31 Aug 2018
Port 8001
Route /nc
Data volume /srv/nextcloud/data
Other volumes /srv/nextcloud/config.php
Base images cusdeb/stretch:armhf (for armhf port)
cusdeb/stretch:amd64 (for amd64 port)


  • Nginx 1.10.3, PHP 7.0 and Memcached 1.4.33.
  • An outdated app files_videoviewer substituted for the modern one.
  • Gallery app for providing a gallery view for private pictures and for those which are available by public links.
  • Calendar and Contacts apps for syncing calendars and contacts with the server respectively.
  • Phone Sync app for syncing text messages with the server.
  • Talk app for having private video calls and chatting using the server.


Read the Getting Started section to learn how to install this or other services.


docker-compose.yml supports the following parameters.

Parameter Description Default
PORT Port the web server listens on 8001
DB_HOST MySQL/MariDB server host
DB_NAME Database name cusdeb
DB_USERNAME User name root
DB_PASSWORD User password cusdeb