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### New Packages

- `rmfm` - 1.4.0-1 (#608 #617 #620)
- `ripgrep` - 13.0.0-1 (#611)
- `lf` - r27-1 (#612)
- `liboxide` - 2.4-1 (#603)
  - Shared library for Oxide to provide an easier API for applications to use
- `libsentry` - 0.4.17 (#603)
  - An error and crash reporting client for native applications

### Updated Packages

- `yaft` - 0.0.7-1 (#613)
  - Fix input on rM1
  - Update to 0.0.7
- `koreader` -  2022.07-1 (#609)
- `erode` `fret` `oxide` `rot` `tarnish` `decay` `corrupt` `anxiety` - 2.4-1 (#603)
   - Opt-in crash reporting
   - Fixed issue where launcher will crash if a notification is removed with the API instead of through the UI
   - Fixed issue where the task switcher background will disappear if you close an application
   - Fixed issue where applications will be imported even though the file isn't executable, and thus would fail to launch

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Toltec is a community-maintained repository of free software for the reMarkable tablet.

Installation and Use

Please refer to the Toltec website for up-to-date information on how to install and use Toltec.


This Git repository contains all the tools and recipes required to build the packages published on the package repository. This repository is automatically built and published every time that a commit is pushed to Git, using Github Actions. Since all the packaged software in Toltec is free, you can also build them from source yourself instead of using the pre-built binaries. The build process is fully reproducible, which means that you can verify that the published packages have not been tampered with during the automated build process.

Learn how to build the repository from source →


Your contribution is welcome for adding new packages, updating existing ones or improving the build tooling.

Learn how to contribute to Toltec →