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Welcome to the RFID_Reader wiki!

This is the wiki for the RFID reader project

RFID reader

The RFID reader project is a school project where Styrmir Óli Þorsteinsson and Bjarki Fannar Snorrason are making a RFID reader that can read items that have a RFID code, cards, pins and phones. The project uses Raspberry Pi and a RFID reader and with these items connected the programmer can use the codes and work with them in the project code. Uses for this code is to show the user what time is in the class room and if the user is in that call, if so the user will know by using his/her phone to mark there attendance.

Future plans

There are some future plans for the project, like make a more slime prototype that can be mounted on the wall and controlled remotely using the internet or closed LAN.