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Website aims, functions, and notes.

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Aims and Functions

The site aims to be a useful tool for anyone who is trying to plan a trip on any kind of electric bicycle. The site displays both a projected back and forth circle around a given point, showing the area the user can effectively travel in based on the local elevation and weather patterns, as well all necessary data to plan a one way trip, showing elevation, wind, temperature, and necessary effort to make any given journey over land. Sadly, the site doesn't work under water.


Funnily enough, just figuring out the max distance a given bike can travel is outrageously complex, here is an example of a similar project that aims for accuracy, and this site doesn't take into account most of the necessary factors, as most of them are replaced by the "Speed up hill" value, this is a handy short hand for all the factors needed, since the bike will always consume the same amount of power while going up hill, making it relatively easy to figure out the max travel distance.

I plan to keep working on this in the future and add more precision to its predictions. However, one obvious problem is that, because the problem is inherently complex, so the site it self will become exponentially more complex and hard to use as more features are added, necessitating an "Advanced" and a "Simplified" mode.