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Project Description

This browser helps to get a quick overview of COM related registry entries and constraints, find orphans or mismatches and to ease cleanup of old stuff. Perfect for developers creating/using COM components to find out what is currently registered and if everything is consistent.

History of this tool

If you ever have developed COM components you probably will have stepped into the problem that suddenly something goes wrong and you have no clue what. Or even worse - on your developers machine everything is running fine, but on the customers not!

Usually you get some {"E_NOINTERFACE"} or {"E_CLASSNOTREGISTERED"} errors, and then start searching through the registry manually entry by entry. Now that’s the point where you’d love to have a tool that could give you a simple overview of what’s existing and what is linked to what – a COM Registry Browser – so that’s why I started the predecessor of this project a decade ago.

Even now in times of .Net there are lots of (legacy) COM components around that a developer has to deal with, so I decided to give my old 32bit native tool a face lift and port it to .Net/WPF, adding 64bit support and some other nice features.

What this tool can help you with

  • Get an overview of what is registered and where; lots of errors can arise because parts of a project point to a temporary or outdated component.
  • Show you if the expected components are registered in the correct location or point to non-existing files; e.g. a mix of debug and release components can cause the trouble.
  • See the links between servers, interfaces and type libraries and if they are consistent.
  • Shows you directly what server or type library is marshaling an interface.
  • Let you easily find and cleanup orphan registry entries.

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