Python twitter bot that generates nonsensical tweets using markov chains
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Making nonsense out of your carefully crafted tweets. 

Python app that controls a twitter bot that uses markov chains to produce interesting tweets based on it's followers tweets and the twitterers that mention it. When a user tweets a mention of the bot it will respond with a "markovation" of the last 800 tweets by that user (that don't contain links or mentions of other users).  It will also follow that user.  Every two hours it will tweet a markovation of the latest 800 tweets from all of the users it follows.

Live markovator bot is running here:
More info here:

Easiest way to use the script is to repeatedly call it using something like cron. Make sure to set the screen_name, token and consumer settings in the  The screen name should be the username of the twitter account that the bot is hosted on. Consumer should be the key and secret of a twitter app that you have registered and the token should be the key and secret of the twitter account for that app. See for info on getting a single access token and avoiding the oauth flow.

Example crontab entry:

    * * * * * cd /whatevs/markovator && python >> markovator.log 2>&1