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🚨 Looking for maintainers!! 🚨

I began this project as a junior in high school, but now I'm in university. I'm pursuing a dual major at a very fast-paced institution and as a result have little free time, so I'm looking for maintainers to continue this project. If you're interested, send me an email.


Stop scaffolding. Start building.

Octobox is a React meta-framework written in TypeScript. Just run npm create octobox-app@latest and let Octobox let you focus on what matters—your app.


  • Comprehensive routing
  • Tailwind CSS support
  • Sass support
  • ESLint and Stylelint support
  • Remix-like sync and async data loading
  • Advanced document head and metadata management
  • Great DX
  • Miscellaneous other utilities
  • And more...


Currently, Octobox is in development and documentation is minimal, but you can find docs here.