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$Id: INSTALL 2434 2012-02-18 20:58:16Z tpgww $
Gtk+ >= 2.6 (
gcc >= 3.2 (
shell commands - grep, sed
libraries - libmagic is desirable, not mandatory, at runtime.
The crypt plugin can make use of [de]compressors liblzo, libz and/or libbz2 if
they're available, but will otherwise work without any [de]compression.
Development files are not needed.
Build-time options
emelFM2 can be built with with some relevant capabilities of later Gtk+ versions.
emelFM2 can be built with improved file alteration monitoring, using kernel-based
mechansim (ATM only inotify on linux) or gamin >= 0.1.0 (
emelFM2 can be built with plugins that require some external libraries
threadsafe modification of libgimpthumb
for the thumbnails plugin
libacl with more-or-less the full capability of the POSIX standard for ACL's
for the ACL plugin
This is not an autotools project. The minimal configuration can be done manually,
in the form of compile-time argument(s) to a make command, and/or modification
of parameter(s) in file Makefile.config.
To compile:
make OPTION=choice OPTION2=choice2 ....
The various make options are described, and set to their respective defaults,
in file Makefile.config.
For new makers, any parameter specified in Makefile.config in this form:
OPTION ?= choice
means that OPTION will be assiged the value choice unless OPTION is otherwise
specified by the user, as an argument to the make command, as shown in the
second example above.
make i18n
If you have doxygen installed,
make doc
will create or refresh a suite of html files, in docs/api/html in the source code tree.