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$Id: TODO 1414 2009-02-01 22:09:35Z tpgww $
This file is part of emelFM2.
Here is a list of things left TODO so nobody will forget them.
(see also, which may sometimes be more recent than this file)
=== tasks that always apply ===
* update documentation and homepage/wiki/on-line user guide
* find solutions for FIXMEs in the code
* find & fix memory leaks
* additional translations (ja, fr, de, ru, pl exist now) Volunteers welcome !
=== probable changes ===
* code restucturing and clean up
=== worth considering ===
* support regular expressions in rename-plugin
* use libmagic directly, instead of shell 'file' command
* update tracker-plugin as tracker's API matures
* provide atk/gail assistive-technology support in all relevant places
* plugin-based support for general namepaces, not limited to root of the mounted filesystem, e.g. archives, remote filesystems (via gio/gvfs/libferris etc), collected items (probably tagged), chroot
=== low priority things that can be done when there's time and interest ===
* add missing API documentation
* complete documentation about action arguments
* support non-english-ascii letters (replacing dDfFpP etc) in macros
* find a way to have those small lines in the treeview as kde/qt or windows provide them
* add tooltips to context menus where now missing
* find a way to tap into shell's completion process, to enhance command-line tab completion (not directly possible with bash)
* support theming for custom icons
=== changes that may not be worth the effort ===
* interrogate shared-configuration data for more filetype handlers (but FDO spec is still too immature)
* strictly incremental update of displayed filelists (if a reliable change-monitor ever becomes readily and widely available ...)
* show filetype/dir icons in file lists
* undo, for completed file operations (needs lots more cacheing of information about processed items and anything affected by the operation)
* custom formatting of hyperlinks displayed in the output pane