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Implementation of OpenGL ES compatible API for FIMG 3DSE 3D engine. (DEPRECATED)
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Latest commit 4721b4c Jun 30, 2013 @tom3q libsgl: glexTex: Fix compilation warnings
Last commit introduced compilation warnings about comparison of signed
and unsigned types and unused variable.

This patch fixes those warnings. No functional change is made.

Change-Id: I5a0ef6606f13013b50429003c9bdf656afa95ada
Signed-off-by: Tomasz Figa <>


Open source implementation of OpenGL compatible API for Samsung FIMG-3DSE GPU

The project is aimed to provide a proper implementation of API compatible with
OpenGL ES 1.1 (and maybe 2.0 in future) for the 3D engine (FIMG 3DSE) embedded
in some Samsung SoCs (including S3C6410, S5P6442 and S5PC100, not to confuse
with S5PC110 which contains a PowerVR SGX graphics core), as the original one
contains many bugs and is written in a suboptimal way.

It is currently being tested on Samsung Galaxy Spica (S3C6410, Android) and
Tiny6410 development board (S3C6410, Debian), but it should work without any
problems on any S3C6410-based device and with some minor changes on any device
with SoC featuring the FIMG-3DSE GPU (S5PC100, S5P6442).

For more information, check out project wiki:
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