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Welcome to OpenFIMG wiki.

The project is aimed to provide a proper implementation of API compatible with OpenGL ES 1.1 (and maybe 2.0 in future) for the 3D engine (FIMG 3DSE) embedded in some Samsung SoCs (including S3C6410, S5P6442 and S5PC100, not to confuse with S5PC110 which contains a PowerVR SGX graphics core), as the original one is closed source and has many stability and performance issues.

It is currently being tested on Samsung Galaxy Spica (S3C6410, Android), Tiny6410 development board (S3C6410, Debian) and Samsung Galaxy 3 (S5P6442, Android), but it should work without any problems on any device equipped with S3C6410 or S5P6442 and possibly on any other device with any SoC featuring the FIMG-3DSE GPU.

To see current status visit Status and Todo pages.

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