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Welcome to the spica-3.0 wiki!

The repository contains my port of Android 3.0 kernel for Samsung S3C6410 based phones (mainly Galaxy Spica). It's a continuation of spica-2.6.38 kernel rebased to Linux 3.0. You can find current status of the kernel on Status page.

What new this kernel brings?

  • Code base updated to Linux 3.0 (3.0.41 currently).
  • Completely rewritten board support code.
  • Drivers heavily cleaned and fixed or rewritten completely.
  • New partition scheme. (~240 MB of space on /data partition)
  • Native flash file systems support (e.g. YAFFS2 and UBIFS).
  • Preemption enabled. (It was disabled in old kernels to hide synchronization issues in several drivers)
  • SLUB kernel allocator. (Previously the used proprietary XSR flash memory driver required SLAB)
  • No more proprietary (binary-only) kernel modules.
  • Easily portable to other s3c6410-based phones and upgradable to newer Linux kernel versions.
  • No more bugs of original code stopping Android 2.3 and newer from working correctly.


If you want to contact me, you can send me an e-mail or a message here on GitHub or Samdroid.net.

How to compile the kernel: Compilation

Use gt_i5700_defconfig (or gt_i5700_ics_defconfig for Android 4.0) for a reasonable default configuration.