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"who's coming": Obie Fernandez, Yehuda Katz, David Heinemeier Hansson (via teleconference), Luis Lavena, Fabio Akita, and <a href="">many more</a>!
When?: When?
Where?: Where?
How Much?: How Much?
Who?: Who?
"Only ARS $300.00 (Argentine pesos) - approximately USD $100.00!": Only ARS $300.00 (<a href="">Argentine pesos</a>)
Calendar: Calendar
Conference Speakers: Conference Speakers
Please view our conference schedule on 'Please view our conference schedule on <a href=""></a>'
April 3-4 2009: April 3-4 2009
"9:00 AM - 6:00 PM": 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
follow us on Twitter: follow us on Twitter &raquo;
Attention Ruby on Rails enthusiasts: |-
Attention Ruby on Rails enthusiasts: You are cordially invited to the
first conference in the Southern Cone dedicated to the ground-breaking
Ruby on Rails framework. Locos por Rails Conference 2009 will be held on April
3rd and 4th in Buenos Aires, Argentina. South America's most popular
travel destination is the perfect backdrop for two days of local and
international presentations, networking, and fun.
Call For Papers: Call For Papers
Call for Participation Overview: Call for Participation Overview
Comunidad Rails Argentina: Comunidad Rails Argentina
Conference: Conference
Contact: Contact
Presenters kit: Presenter's kit
Contact the Locos por Rails 2009 Conference Organizers: Contact the Locos por Rails 2009 Conference Organizers
Events will be posted here as they become finalized.: Events will be posted here as they become finalized.
Gold sponsors: Gold sponsors
Home: Home
Interested in attending?: |-
Interested in attending? The Locos por Rails 2009 program is complete!
Check out our page on Evenioz to see the <a href="">conference schedule</a> and
<a href="">list of speakers.</a>
Follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a> to stay informed!
Interested in participating?: Interested in participating? See our <a href="/papers">Call For Participation Overview</a> page.
Locos X Rails: Locos X Rails
Locos por Rails Conference in Buenos Aires Argentina: Locos por Rails Conference in Buenos Aires Argentina
More Information: More Information
Platinum sponsors: Platinum sponsors
Powered by <a href="">Scratching Heads</a>.: Powered by <a href="">Scratching Heads</a>.
Registration: Registration
Ruby Rails Argentina: Ruby Rails Argentina
Schedule: Schedule
Silver sponsors: Silver sponsors
Sponsor packages: Sponsor packages
Sponsors: Sponsors
The call for papers will close on February 20th, 2009: The call for papers will close on February 20th, 2009
The hard working organizers: The hard working organizers
call for papers description: |-
Locos por Rails 2009 has an open agenda and all papers will be considered.
Those interested in submitting papers should contact the
<a href="">Conference Organizers</a>
as early as possible to receive an presenter's kit.
contact_the_organizers: |-
If you have any questions regarding Locos por Rails 2009,
contact us at <a href=""></a>.
invite_to_participation: |-
We invite you to read the <a href="/papers">Call For Participation</a>
to learn more about ways to contribute and participate.
register description: |-
Registration for Locos por Rails 2009 is not yet open.
Follow our <a href="" target="_blank">twitter</a>
to recieve updates and registration information as it becomes available.
sponsors_packages_data_list: |-
<li>Target Audience &#8211; Medium to advanced Rails and Ruby programmer.</li>
<li>Participants expected &#8211; 100 to 150</li>
<li>When &#8211; 3rd and 4th of April 2009</li>
sponsors_packages_intro: |-
Locos por Rails 2009 is the inaugural conference for the Ruby on Rails
community in the Southern Cone. Take advantage of this effective
opportunity to market your company, products and/or services to the
most influential people defining and leveraging Ruby on Rails today.
We offer several sponsorship levels with excellent marketing
opportunities and benefits within each category.
View Larger Map: View Larger Map