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Mikrotik router integration for Home Assistant
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Mikrotik Router

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Monitor and control your Mikrotik device from Home Assistant. Tracker and sensors

Interface Info Interface Switch Interface Sensor Script Switch NAT switch


  • Interface device tracker
  • Enable/disable interface switches
  • Enable/disable NAT rule switches
  • RX/TX traffic sensors per interface
  • System sensors (CPU, Memory, HDD)
  • Firmware update binary sensor
  • Switches to run scripts

Setup integration

Setup this integration for your Mikrotik device in Home Assistant via Configuration -> Integrations -> Add -> Mikrotik Router. You can add this integration several times for different devices.

Add Integration

  • "Host" - Use hostname or IP
  • "Port" - Leave at 0 for defaults
  • "Name of the integration" - Friendy name for this router


Integration options

  • "Show client MAC and IP" - Display connected IP and MAC address for devices connected to ports on router.
  • "Scan interval" - Scan/refresh time in seconds. HA needs to be reloaded for scan interval change to be applied.

List of detected devices

Integration options

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