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Google drive is operational.
Dropbox is operational.

Both resolvers comes with musicManager.js, which is a wrapper for a WebSQL database designed to contain the track list stored on the Cloud.

Dropbox resolver uses a modified version of jsOAuth that can be found here (

Know bugs :

  • Seek is not working
  • Pause is broken after trying to seek
  • Dropbox : Keeps playing after the end of song

Review on Reviewable

AltarBeastiful and others added some commits Feb 12, 2013
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Merge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 5210570
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add empty resolver for Dropbox. e94fd59
@Knarf64 Knarf64 adding musicManager, on working version 3a7188e
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add Oauth authentification to Dropbox resolver. 90a5572
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Rewrite of the oauth in Dropbox resolver. ca6f80a
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Minor correction when deleting the association in Dropbox resolver f6751b1
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add Google drive resolver with OAuth manager and changes.list request. fd7815f
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add oauth managment in google drive resolver.
Add pretty logging of delta in Dropbox resolver.
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Fix in the musicManager.js 82487a7
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Merge branch 'master' of
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Fix callbacks in google drive (use bind function). 7b0a779
@Knarf64 Knarf64 working version of music Manager cd5a252
@Knarf64 Knarf64 merged f1dbfaf
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add license to Google drive, dropbox and musicManager.js 63433ec
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Cursor support and multiple delta pages on Google drive resolver. db1b2aa
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Add ID music Manager 5a38139
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Merge branch 'master' of
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Google drive : add itself inside scriptcollection ,
Music Manager : ID add & delete, searchQuery done with like clause.
@Knarf64 Knarf64 MusicManager of dropbox updated from google'one d7488b2
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add custom url handler for google drive resolver. dfeeb91
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Dropbox resolver:
Complete Delta support.
Secure localStorage usage.
Add custom Url handler.
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Merge branch 'master' of
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Log info for ID3 tags in dropbox and google drive. 88bf984
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add reportCapabilities to resolvers. 469f974
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add the parsing of id3 tags. 54682f4
@loclamor loclamor ca marche avec la downloadUrl + le token 07374f2
@loclamor loclamor ajout du parametre ID lors de l'appel a readCloudFile 576e63a
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Make token refresh synchronous in googleDrive. 5c763c7
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Auto refresh token in Google drive resolver.
Deactivated ID3 tag paring until google.sparsetable crashed is resolved.
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add tracks tags in musicManager DB for google drive resolver. daac349
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Cahnge custom url handler to show a hostname. a42410e
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Fix if not all tags are given when adding track. 2ff8dfd
@Knarf64 Knarf64 -- a0f379f
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Merge branch 'master' of
 after rémi corrections

@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Use downloadLink to play google drive files fa3531e
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Merge branch 'master' of 1a3cc80
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Merge branch 'master' of 656ee8d
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Merge branch 'feature/id3tag' 8218484
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Safer Addtrack and test to proove it 7340dcf
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Test scenario DuplicateInsertion add 0466358
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Enable add results in GD 9c0a318
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Test scenario Insertion without the core information track add 8c17523
GuillaumeJ ajout fonction collection dans gd.js 4867a37
GuillaumeJ Merge branch 'master' of
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Test scenario : delition without key add and some corrections 4b80285
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Complete ID3Tag callback in Dropbox. 87dc694
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Merge branch 'master' of

@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Merge branch 'feature/id3tag' c767bc0
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Add log message in track function e18d935
@Knarf64 Knarf64 adding fixed : wrong row title instead of track d985a71
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Merge branch 'master' of
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Removing buggy log be2d491
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Changed Title to Track to add into database 0d39d08
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Dropbox music manager adapted from the newest version of GD music man…
@Knarf64 Knarf64 Little corrections on music manager et the concat bug of googledrive.js 5968b1d
GuillaumeJ add fonction collection to dropbox.js 8f70b22
GuillaumeJ Merge branch 'master' of
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Change Googledrive incon to SVG.
Remove unused description in collection()
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Change Dropbox incon to svg. 71fb450
@AltarBeastiful AltarBeastiful Change config.ui of dropbox and google drive with SVG icon 6231447
Tomahawk member

Cool, note I originally had some comments on this fake pull request here: lfranchi/tomahawk#1 but now I'll re-review and post them here. Discard that one.


Where is musicmanager.js available?

Tomahawk member

This resolver would greatly benefit from being ported to 0.9. You can now properly store a cloud collection with Tomahawk.Collection. See for reference
I'd really love to have a GDrive and Dropbox resolver in Tomahawk ...

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