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Version 0.3.0:
* Make artist names in the album view clickable.
* Don't start playing if a tomahawk:// link was clicked while Tomahawk
is paused.
* Make artist name clickable in header of Album pages.
* Added a drop shadow to cover images, and put placeholder in jewel case.
* Added shuffle and repeat support to tree view.
* Draw a speaker next to the currently playing playlist.
* Refresh station previews whenever a filter is changed.
* Support and show official releases on album and track pages.
* Filter out duplicates from station previews and upcoming tracks.
* Added YouTube resolver.
* Fixed bug where going offline then online would not re-connect to many
* Added support for auto-updating live XSPF playlists.
* Don't show an age of 41 years for tracks that have no age information.
* Show config UI for resolvers that have them as soon as you add them.
* Add support for Echo Nest Personal Catalogs and User Radio. Synchronize
your catalog with The Echo Nest and enable personal recommendations
from you and your friends.
* Added support for Grooveshark resolver (requires Grooveshark Anywhere).
* Fixed re-resolving when resolvers or sources go off- / online.
* Correctly sort recently played tracks on the Dashboard.
* Show a Lion full-screen toggle button if running on Lion.
* Show a list of users who are currently listening along to you.
* Show headphone icon in source item to allow users to listen along; paint
headphones red on a source if you are currently listening along to it.
* Added new job status view in the bottom of the source list that displays
current jobs such as resolving, parsing playlists, and loading from
* Parse and convert a Spotify playlist url when dropped anywhere on the
* Convert resolvers to use asynchronous calls to avoid blocking Tomahawk's
UI, greatly increasing responsiveness of Tomahawk while resolving.
* Fixed no playlists overlay not disappearing when playlists were added.
* Add support for parsing itunes track, artist and album links.
* Fixed crash when syncing playlists with peers.
* Add support for browsing, downloading and rating resolvers from within
Tomahawk directly.
* Support multi-folder selection and scanning.
* Fixed handling of special characters in tomahawk:// links
* Improve sidebar performance by caching pixmaps and shrinking them.
* Send updated playlists to peers when tracks are moved/copied.
* Remove splitter handles in sidebar.
* Fixed Tomahawk preventing system shutdown / logout.
* Ignore leading 'The' when sorting artists.
* Added Charts page, which shows various sources' top hits & artists.
* The Collection tree-views can now be filtered.
* Fixed crash when pressing enter in an empty playlist.
* Moved the song queue to the bottom of the sidebar.
* Added Footnotes, a contextual view that you can slide it.
* Show recently added playlists in dashboard rather than recently opened
* Fixed seek slider and give it some smooth animation between ticks.
* Fixed Twitter issue where it would repeatedly send DMs to friends.
* Add a new drag and drop menu when dropping items onto playlists,
allowing users to drop the dragged tracks, the whole album, or
the whole artists's tracks.
* Bring Tomahawk window to the front when clicking a Tomahawk link.
* Fixed crash in source list when initially syncing with remote sources.
* Open temporary artist, album, and search playlists as temporary items
in the sidebar.
* Fixed sorting of playlists and items in the artist view.
* Allow dragging and dropping albums and artists to playlists.
* Added MPRIS 2.1 support.
Version 0.2.3:
* Fixed opening Rdio and Spotify links.
* Fixed potential crash in sidebar during syncing of sources.
* When Listening Along, the last song a peer plays is no longer duplicated.
* Fixed an issue where the Twitter plugin could get out of sync if the
database was cleared, leading to eventual crashes when re-connecting.
* Fixed duplicate albums showing up on Dashboard.
* Automatically sort search results by score.
* Fixed stations being stuck not fetching more songs.
* Fixed issue where artist bio could be referring to a different artist.
* Opening a "tomahawk" URL (or other URL with Tomahawk) brings the Tomahawk
window to the foreground.
Version 0.2.2:
* Fixed crash pressing previous and next when playing a song from the Queue.
* Fixed issue where wrench for newly added resolvers would not show up.
* Fixed sidebar statistics not updating after collection scan finished.
* Fixed omitting a few tracks in the Collection tree-view.
* Fixed sidebar & track sorting issues.
* Seek- & volume sliders now directly jump to the position you clicked on.
* Added ability to drag artists and albums within Tomahawk.
* (OS X) Fixed Ogg Vorbis support.
Version 0.2.1:
* Fixed crashing trying to play an unavailable track.
* Fixed a crash caused by using Javascript resolvers.
* Fixed searching with Javascript resolvers.
Version 0.2.0:
* Re-resolve queries when their resolved-to source goes offline.
* Cleanup formatting of Preference/Configure and Diagnostics windows.
* Add selection indicator on album art.
* Fix inability to create Echonest playlists based solely on style or mood.
* Created new Artist & Album page, showing various related information.
* Update playlists in dashboard to keep them in sync.
* Support Rdio track URLs and ability to drop them onto Tomahawk.
* Change "Recently Played" page to "Dashboard".
* Prioritize resolving newer queries to make GUI more responsive.
* Automatically expand local collection node in sidebar on launch.
* Display spinner animation while searching for tracks.
* Let Tomahawk-headless users trigger a rescan with --filescan.
* Include Stations and Automatic Playlists in "New Stations and Playlists".
* Always keep current page and sidebar selection in sync.
* New icon theme and many design tweaks.
* Fixed bug where drop indicator wouldn't show below the last track of a
* Added support for "playing" Spotify track URLs (and and
shortened track URLs) and ability to drag/drop them into Tomahawk.
* Added support for JSPF playlists (XSPF via JSON).
* Scroll per pixel to making scrolling feel more natural.
* Filter out duplicate tracks in Collection tree view.
* Spotify resolver now honors SOCKS5 proxy settings.
* Made "show offline sources" menu option a toggle instead of two separate
* Properly decode escaped characters coming from HTTP API.
* Handle/display resolver file paths becoming invalid in Preferences.
* Fixed track skipping-on-pause bug when using Gstreamer backend.
* Fixed a few crashes that could occur when fetching data from
* Made Twitter dialog more readable/understandable.
* Fixed streaming from https:// links.
* Implement new Javascript resolver API and ability to present config
dialogs for resolvers.
* Show when a track was played in the Recently Played tracks history.
* Added context menus for Artists and Albums.
* Fixed playlist bugs that would cause track to stop playing when dropping
or moving items in the same playlist.
* Set volume to 75% on startup.
* Added "listen along" feature (and ability to "catch up").
* Added "love" feature - also "loves" track on
* Twitter checks for updates less often now, saving user API calls from
running out when using multiple clients.
* Added score column and score bars to indicate resolver match certainty.
* Added "New Additions" page for each source.
* Improved tomahawk:// link handling. Added support for
* Fixed sorting by file size.
* Improved the way Adium status is updated with now-playing information.
* Re-resolve tracks when a resolver is added/removed/enabled/disabled.
* Added global search function that searches all available sources.
* Collection scanner can now run automatically, watching files and dirs for
* Added Pipeline status view.
* Allow seeking in songs - if supported by audio backend.
* Added ability to make a copy of a peer's playlist.
* Shuffle and Repeat settings are stored on a playlist by playlist basis.
* (Linux) Desktop notifications for now playing.
* (OS X) Removed "test login" button from settings.
* (OS X) Added MediaKey support.
* (OS X) Don't quit on window close to conform to best practices.
Version 0.1.0:
* Fixed stations so they resolve against all available sources instead of
only local and friend's collections.
* Add a Song seed for stations and automatic playlists, and allow dragging
of any tracks to the New Stations entry to create a pre-seeded station.
* Added auto-completion for artists while filling in a station or automatic
* SOCKS5 proxy support. Noproxy hosts are also supported but no wildcard
support (yet).
* Support loading of - and exporting to - .xspf playlists.
* Added Tomahawk:// protocol support and share links for many things
including tracks, playlists, and stations.
* Autoload automatically detected resolvers on startup.
* Fix issue where track resolving spinner never stopped if tracks were
removed from playlist while resolving.
* Twitter & Jabber profile pictures are shown.
* Fix issues with stations where multiple tracks could be added at once.
* Allow multiple accounts of the same type.
* Add new Google account type, a thin wrapper around a Jabber plugin.
* Overhaul the settings dialog interface.
* Resolvers can now be enabled and disabled, and some can be configured
directly in Tomahawk, for example the new Spotify resolver.
* Split playlists and stations in sources sidebar. Show Recently Played
as a node under the Super Collection.
* Fix massive speed bottleneck on startup in the case of many recently
played playlists.
* Removed filter and song view from Super Collection, coming back in the
next release.
* Browse and play collections in our snappy tree-mode, which also shows
images for artists and albums.
* Fixed crash that could occur when playing a track from a browser.
* Fixed a crash caused by sources going on or offline.
* Huge optimizations in the resolving pipeline.
* Improved the handling of automatic status messages for Google Talk.
* Switch to Phonon sound system, allowing us to support a wide variety
of audio formats.
* UI tweaks and cleanup.
* (OS X) Open configuration dialogs as sliding sheets.
* (OS X) Increase our available file watches to the maximum that the system
* (OS X) Added 'Window' menu with zoom/minimize actions.
Version 0.0.3:
* Show spinner while resolving playlists.
* Go back to previous page visible when deleting a playlist.
* Fixed issue where automatic playlists and station summaries were not
updated in the playlist header.
* Fixed an issue which caused duplicate items when rescanning.
* Revert change introduced in 0.0.2 causing Twitter protocol to not try
to reconnect to a peer if it couldn't connect the first time the plugin
was connected. This caused confusing (and for most unwanted) behavior.
* Fix crashes in Twitter authentication.
* Properly honor the chosen port number if a static host and port are
marked as preferred.
* Don't automatically try to resolve all incoming playback logs. This
speeds up importing sources a lot.
* Faster painting of playlists with lots of unresolved tracks.
* Prefer local results when results' score is equal.
* (Windows) The tomahawk:// protocol handler works on Windows now.
* (Windows) Prevent launching a second instance on Windows.
* (Windows) Fixed launching Tomahawk from Windows installer with admin
Version 0.0.2:
* Don't reconnect to Jabber if the settings dialog is closed successfully
but the Jabber settings haven't changed.
* Don't run a rescan of the local collection if the settings dialog is
closed successfully but the path hasn't changed.
* Don't attempt to connect to unavailable Twitter peers over and over.
* Find Twitter peers if the peer's Got Tomahawk? tweet is not their latest
* Got Tomahawk? tweets can now be sent directly to specific users or in
private direct messages.
* Display a helpful message when someone sends a normal instant message to
the Tomahawk XMPP presence.
* Incompatible change: Twitter SIP protocol has changed slightly. 0.0.1
clients will not be able to talk to newer clients.
* Don't let long playlist or summary names force a large Tomahawk window.
* Tomahawk now asks you to authorize new contacts.
Version 0.0.1:
* First public release.
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