local collection files with forward slashes in titles "not found" #576

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with a fresh install of tomahawk-0.9.0_pre20161029 on Sabayon GNU+Linux x86-64, Tomahawk will find all music in my local collection, but when trying to play any tracks that contain a forward slash / in the title, the track is grayed out in the album view and when selected for playback Tomahawk says the track "cannot be found". an example track would be https://musicbrainz.org/recording/007c194e-8729-46c7-8213-934c97cafdcf that has the various parts of the song split with a forward slash. it seems like the forward slash is not being escaped properly when trying to resolve the title to the file? obviously the file containing the track does not contain a forward slash as that would be interpreted as a path directory separator. note this could be related to #515 ?


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