Latest commit ed9a027 Oct 28, 2016 @Horrendus Horrendus committed on GitHub q&d fix: hide stations in UI because they no longer work (#562)
Echonest API is dead :( remove libechonest dependency & hide stations in UI
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CMakeDateStamp.cmake * Fixed checking date executable variable. Jul 20, 2011
CMakeVersionSource.cmake * Use the same unique revision identifier as git itself. Jul 20, 2011
COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS Add COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS file, if we reference it, we should have it… Nov 14, 2012
CheckTagLibFileName.cmake * Added support for complex filenames with Taglib. Feb 10, 2011
FindJreen.cmake real fix for qt4 and qt5 to find libjreen without pkg-config May 17, 2014
FindKDE4Installed.cmake Add a module to find whether KDE4 is installed rather than whether it… May 20, 2011
FindLIBVLC.cmake Look for keg-only libvlc Dec 9, 2015
FindLibAttica.cmake Add a view for libattica-provided GHNS resolvers Sep 11, 2011
FindLibLastFm.cmake Use new lastfm5/ include dir for Qt5 Feb 6, 2015
FindLibraryWithDebug.cmake Initial Tomahawk import. Oct 17, 2010
FindLucene++.cmake quick&dirty fix for finding lucene++ install under ubuntu Nov 8, 2014
FindOggVorbis.cmake Initial Tomahawk import. Oct 17, 2010
FindQCA2.cmake FindQCA2: OSX: Add additional search path for qca from brew Apr 30, 2012
FindQJSON.cmake Include dir optimization Jan 9, 2013
FindQtSparkle.cmake Use qtsparkle-qt5 when building with Qt5 Jan 28, 2015
FindQuaZip.cmake Go back to more complicated .. but qt5 handling findquazip Sep 6, 2015
FindSparsehash.cmake Add dependency on google-sparsehash Jun 9, 2014
FindTaglib.cmake Compare taglib version properly Sep 2, 2015
FindTelepathyQt.cmake Create TelepathyConfigStorage as plugin, and link against TelepathyQt. Jul 24, 2013
GNUInstallDirs.cmake * Merged CrashReporter changes into master. Nov 23, 2011
MacroLogFeature.cmake Write to the blackboard: I will read 'git status' before pushing Feb 21, 2011
MacroOptionalFindPackage.cmake Write to the blackboard: I will read 'git status' before pushing Feb 21, 2011 Use CPack for building the windows installer Jul 7, 2011 Deployment scripts branding update Feb 17, 2016
README.txt Initial Tomahawk import. Oct 17, 2010


FindTaglib.cmake taken from KDE4 kdelibs/cmake/Modules