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CMakeDateStamp.cmake * Fixed checking date executable variable.
CMakeVersionSource.cmake * Use the same unique revision identifier as git itself.
COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS Add COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS file, if we reference it, we should have it…
CheckTagLibFileName.cmake * Added support for complex filenames with Taglib.
FindEchonest.cmake Set echonest version if the version could not be detected.
FindJreen.cmake real fix for qt4 and qt5 to find libjreen without pkg-config
FindKDE4Installed.cmake Add a module to find whether KDE4 is installed rather than whether it…
FindLIBVLC.cmake Check for AlbumArtist support in libvlc_meta
FindLibAttica.cmake Add a view for libattica-provided GHNS resolvers
FindLibLastFm.cmake Use new lastfm5/ include dir for Qt5
FindLibraryWithDebug.cmake Initial Tomahawk import.
FindLucene++.cmake quick&dirty fix for finding lucene++ install under ubuntu
FindOggVorbis.cmake Initial Tomahawk import.
FindQCA2.cmake FindQCA2: OSX: Add additional search path for qca from brew
FindQJSON.cmake Include dir optimization
FindQtSparkle.cmake Use qtsparkle-qt5 when building with Qt5
FindQuaZip.cmake Go back to more complicated .. but qt5 handling findquazip
FindSparsehash.cmake Add dependency on google-sparsehash
FindTaglib.cmake Compare taglib version properly
FindTelepathyQt.cmake Create TelepathyConfigStorage as plugin, and link against TelepathyQt.
GNUInstallDirs.cmake * Merged CrashReporter changes into master.
MacroLogFeature.cmake Write to the blackboard: I will read 'git status' before pushing
MacroOptionalFindPackage.cmake Write to the blackboard: I will read 'git status' before pushing Use CPack for building the windows installer Branding and download manager updates
README.txt Initial Tomahawk import.


FindTaglib.cmake taken from KDE4 kdelibs/cmake/Modules
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