Localization Guidelines

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Simply translate online using Transifex (recommended for most users): https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/tomahawk/.

Qt Linguist

 git clone https://github.com/tomahawk-player/tomahawk.git
 cd tomahawk
 lupdate src/ -ts lang/tomahawk_XX.ts

Now it's time to get our your language skills and translate quite a few of our strings. Do this by starting Qt's Linguist tool:

 linguist lang/tomahawk_XX.ts

Testing your translation

When you're done translating your first draft, go ahead edit lang/tomahawk_i18n.qrc and add your new translation to it. Now you need to build your own Tomahawk binary. This isn't too hard! See Building Tomahawk for detailed instructions.

 cd tomahawk
 mkdir build && cd build
 cmake ..
 export LANG=XX

Tomahawk should now start up with your localized strings. Congratulations! Now you only need to send us your translation via eMail or, preferably, fork Tomahawk on GitHub and send us a pull request. Thank you!

Updating your translation

Run those little commands to keep up-to-date with the latest progress of Tomahawk:

 cd tomahawk
 git pull
 lupdate src/ -ts lang/tomahawk_XX.ts

This will merge and integrate the latest strings into your existing translation file. Your previous translations won't get lost, so don't worry. Now proceed as usual, start Linguist, edit some strings and recompile Tomahawk to test your new translations. Just don't forget to run cmake every time, to make sure your latest changes got compiled in.

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