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atom 1.0.7 09/25/2010
- Support for using a HW clock to control the duration of phases.
atom 1.0.6 09/20/2010
- Support for math.h expressions
atom 1.0.5 09/20/2010
- Deriving Enum for Type
atom 1.0.4 05/23/2010
- Added 'exactPhase'. (Lee Pike)
atom 1.0.3 04/19/2010
- Reduced line length in C code generation.
atom 1.0.2 04/13/2010
- Fixed linear bug.
atom 1.0.1 03/17/2010
- Fixed debounce bug.
- Fixed Unit -I bug, change state name to test name.
atom 1.0.0 02/13/2010
- Set C99 types (stdbool.h, stdint.h). Removed cType from code configuration.
- Removed (void) argument in generated functions.
- Moved variables and arrays into a single hierarchical structure to provide direct access to Atom state variables from C code.
- Pulled var' and friends (bool', word8', int64', etc.) out of the Atom monad.
- Pulled Unit.random out of the Atom monad.
- Unit.runTests returns exit codes 1 for YELLOW light and 2 for RED LIGHT.
- Added cStateName code configuration for naming state structure. Defaults to "state".
- Generates header file to declare primary function and state structure.
atom 0.1.4 12/16/2009
- Added 'call' function.
- Bug fix to float and double variable initialization.
- Moved Language.Atom.Verification to new project: afv.
atom 0.1.3 12/03/2009
- Added linear lookup (Common).
- Assertions and coverage points are checked between the execution of every rule, not just once per cycle.
- Removed cCover code configuration. Assertions and coverage are enabled by cAssert.
atom 0.1.2 11/25/2009
- Added div0_ and mod0_ functions, that instrument runtime checks for divide-by-zero (Lee Pike).
- Added a phase function that specifies the earliest phase into a period a rule should execute (Lee Pike).
- New scheduling algorithm to balance when rules fire across the period.
- Added support for Bits.rotate.
- Added check for empty design.
atom 0.1.1 09/29/2009
- Added ULL C constant annotations for rule scheduling.
- Created new Schedule type.
- compile returns schedule and coverage information.
- reportSchedule function to report scheduling information.
- Replaced global 64-bit clock used in scheduling with local clocks.
- Created unit testing framework.
- Added startTimerIf.
- Added exernal arrays (array').
- Replaced global memory arrays with individual variables.
atom 0.1.0 07/31/2009
- Quieted compilation messages.
- Added config to disable rule coverage instrumentation.
- Added assert and cover statements.
- Added imply to expressions.
- Removed "int" for standard C types.
- Added L, UL, LL, and ULL C constant annotations for 32 and 64 bit integral types.
atom 0.0.5 06/03/2009
- Fixed GHC seg fault issue related to Prelude.negate.
- C config types for float and double casts (John Van Enk).
- Improvements to docs, atom.cabal, and suggestions from hlint (Brian Lewis).
atom 0.0.4 05/19/2009
- Made local variables static in generated C.
- Added checking for duplicate probe names.
- Added hierarchical expression count report.
- Removed dot graph for rule-variable relationships.
- Added support for arrays. See array, (!), and (!.).
WARNING: No checks for index out of bounds or overlapping assignments.
atom 0.0.3 05/05/2009
- Set build-depends: process >= for readProcess
- Traded e<n> variable names for __<n> in generated C code.
- Made Atom a monad. Removed use of Control.Monad.State.
- Added Config type to configure C code generation.
atom 0.0.2 04/26/2009
- Disabled Yices bounded model checking. Removed search depth compile argument.
- Removed include, preCode, and postCode compile arguments.
- Added external variable declations (bool', word32', etc). Removed Cust expressions.
- Generates dot file to display rule-variable relationships.
- Added hooks for rule execution coverage.
atom 0.0.1 04/22/2009
- Initial cabal release.
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