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A solid modeling language in Haskell.
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Mecha is an constructive solid geometry modeling language embedded in Haskell.

Mecha compiles models to POV-Ray and OpenSCAD.


Release Notes

0.1.1 06/11/11

  • Added torus primitive.

0.1.0 06/08/11

  • Created OpenSCAD generator.
  • Created 'mecha-examples' executable.
  • Removed Asm stuff.

0.0.5 06/04/11

  • Created POVRay class.
  • Decoupled POVRay from solid primitives.
  • Example executables (Marc Weber).

0.0.4 11/25/09

  • Added animate function to build animations with ffmpeg.
  • View renders 4 standard CAD views and a html page.

0.0.3 11/03/09

  • Replaced OpenGL and SDL with POVRay.

0.0.2 11/01/09

  • Made Asm monadless.

0.0.1 10/31/09

  • Moved solid representation from octrees to f-rep.
  • Created Asm monadic layer for defining parts and assemblies.

0.0.0 10/22/09

  • Initial release (does nothing except draws a blue ball).
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