@tomas-nestorovic tomas-nestorovic released this Jan 4, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

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  • fixed application crash when attempting to accept a value via PropertyGrid

@tomas-nestorovic tomas-nestorovic released this Dec 31, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release

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  • fixed uninitialized content of sectors after formatting without verification
  • speeded-up working with real floppy drive (however, I'm keeping Issue #14 still open, just in case)
  • fixed formatting of yet never formatted 2DD floppies
  • added all remaining MS-DOS FAT12/FAT16 boot sector values to the Boot Sector tab; values of FAT32 boot sector added just partially (will be added over time)
  • added support for CygnusBoot 2.2.3 to the TR-DOS Boot Sector tab
  • fixed enabling/disabling of the PropertyGrid (using the "Image → Write protected" switch) while item editing in progress
  • added support for Proxima's UniRUN to the MDOS Boot Sector tab
  • other minor improvements which you might not notice
  • updated on-line FAQs (under "Help → FAQs")

@tomas-nestorovic tomas-nestorovic released this Dec 21, 2018 · 25 commits to master since this release

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  • fixed displaying of ZX "Screen$" image for files larger than 6912 Bytes
  • added possibility to zoom ZX "Screen$" image using mouse wheel in combination with Ctrl key
  • fixed processing of mouse wheel when HexaEditor disabled (now its content can be scrolled using mouse wheel)
  • added possibility to unselect everything in HexaEditor if clicked outside of its content

@tomas-nestorovic tomas-nestorovic released this Dec 20, 2018 · 29 commits to master since this release

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  • removed duplicated setting of formatted track verification (left only the one in the "FDD access options" dialog)
  • speeded-up real floppy formatting (by at least two disk revolutions) (!)
  • added a "Medium already formatted (thus reformat just bad tracks)" check-box into the "Dump to destination" dialog; if checked and the destination is the floppy drive, the target floppy won't be formatted but will be just written to (similarly as with the "--no-format" switch in SamDisk); if it can't be written to a track, RIDE reformats the track and reattempts to write to it; if without success even after three automatic attempts, a Retry-Ignore-Abort dialog pops up
  • added possibility to report bugs directly from within the application, using the "Help → Report a bug" command
  • added indication of which version of TR-DOS is being used in the bottom right corner of the File Manager (similarly as with MDOS)
  • changed intersector Gap3 for TR-DOS formats from 54 Bytes to 32 Bytes (for all sectors to always fit in the track)
  • relaxed some conditions of MS-DOS floppy recognition (motivation: some Czech titles violate the official FAT standard, however Windows even so recognizes them well; none of the relaxed conditions is critical)
  • added mouse wheel support in all instances of the HexaEditor and in ZX "Screen$" preview
  • fixed concurrent access to images if dumping/patching while switched to the Track Map tab
  • added displaying of ZX-BASIC program runtime variables listed right below the BASIC, thus under the " → Show as BASIC program" command
  • added default values for the "Creator" value in *.DSK images, see "Image → Options"

@tomas-nestorovic tomas-nestorovic released this Sep 6, 2018 · 71 commits to master since this release

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Fixed one small but important bug - random geometry of unrecognizable raw image in "Unknown DOS" (of course uninitialized variable was the cause).

@tomas-nestorovic tomas-nestorovic released this Sep 1, 2018 · 73 commits to master since this release

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  • added possibility to show a Spectrum file as a BASIC program listing (using Ctrl+K); it's also possible to show non-printable characters (e.g. "injected" machine code); furthermore, it's possible to show the five-Byte internal numeric form prefixed by 0x14
  • added and improved descriptions of individual menu items
  • added editable "Creator" field for DSK images (formerly always set to empty string, now by default set to "RIDE ")
  • added reflection on the CapsLock key when editing Spectrum file name (the "C" cursor was missing until now)
  • added possibility to create a new record of George K's File Manager in MDOS' disk boot sector (plus the possibility to import GKFM's binary directly from an online resource)
  • fixed editability of PropertyGrid when the image is "write-protected"
  • modified opening of SCL images; newly, a SCL image is opened by the first TR-DOS in the recognition sequence (assumed this is the TR-DOS that the user wants to primarily work with)
  • added TR-DOS 5.05, having 10 characters in disk label
  • added worker thread priority for dump and patch actions (the "Real-time thread priority" check-box in corresponding dialogs)

@tomas-nestorovic tomas-nestorovic released this Jul 24, 2018 · 97 commits to master since this release

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  • fixed formatting of a track to zero sectors (aka. another form of "unformatting" a track)
  • fixed media list when dumping: if the source medium is recognized as a floppy, the target media list contains ANY floppy types (DD/HD)
  • improved drawing in the Track Map (faster)
  • added support for ZX Spectrum tape "fragments"
  • added editable "Checksum" column to the ZX Spectrum tape File Manager
  • changed valid file sizes of ZX Spectrum tape files from 0 to 65525 Bytes (before was 1 to 49152)
  • fixed marking of TRDOS boot sector as dirty after some of "Advanced" values has been modified in the Boot Sector tab

@tomas-nestorovic tomas-nestorovic released this Jun 24, 2018 · 102 commits to master since this release

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