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Remove info and todo about 1.8.7 compatibility, and add changelog

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+== master
+* Basic localization for numeric, date and time attributes
@@ -10,10 +10,6 @@ Almost all projects I've been working so far required some sort of input using d
I've already used the delocalize gem in some of these projects, and validates_timeliness parser in others, and both work pretty well actually. But I think it might work a bit different than delocalize, and mainly, I wanted to learn more about I18n and ActiveRecord internals.
-=== Compatibility: Important!
-Right now I18nAlchemy only works with Ruby 1.9. Compatibility with Ruby 1.8.7 is planned on our TODO, meanwhile you are free to help us getting it up and running.
== Usage
I18nAlchemy is pretty straigthforward to use, you just need to include it in your ActiveRecord model. Lets say we are working with a Product model:
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== I18n Alchemy TODO
-* Test / changes to work on Ruby 1.8.7
* Add ability to pass in :only and :except attributes to the localized call
* Allow localization of methods (not db columns)
* Improve type check for date/time parsers

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