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Continuous testing and a alternative to Autotest and Guard

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Infinity Test

Infinity Test is a continuous testing library and a flexible alternative to Autotest, using watchr library with Rspec, Test::Unit, Cucumber with RVM funcionality, giving the possibility to test with all versions of ruby you have in your RVM configuration.

Just Run with:

$ infinity_test --rspec --cucumber --rvm_versions=1.8.6,1.8.7,1.9.1,1.9.2

Or with Test::Unit:

$ infinity_test --test_unit --rvm_versions=1.8.6,1.8.7,1.9.1,1.9.2

And you are ready to Test with all ruby versions your Rspec Suite and Cucumber Suite.

Just make Sure That you have Rspec or Cucumber (Depending if you need)


  • The Infinity Test gem don't have a version, but is looking for contributors. =]

You Like it?

So make a fork and start contributing.


  • Thanks to watchr library.

  • Thanks to Waynee Seguin and the RVM.

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