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Imlib2 Image Processor for Paperclip

Lets you process thumbnails with Paperclip using imlib2, a lighter alternative to ImageMagick.


  • imlib2-ruby library (apt-get install libimlib2-ruby)
  • Rails app with the Paperclip gem installed.


Create a folder under RAILS_ROOT/lib called paperclip_processors, and drop resizer.rb in it. Paperclip automatically loads processors available in that path.

Now you can pass :resizer as a Paperclip processor in the has_attached_file options hash. Example:

has_attached_file :avatar
  :processors => [:resizer],
  :styles => {
    :thumb=> "100x100",
    :small  => "150x150" }

And voilá! Your images will now be processed with Imlib2. Easy peasy, right?


Doesn't handle cropping yet, only resizing. Shouldn't be too hard to implement though.


Written by Tomás Pollak.


(c) 2011 - Fork Ltd. Released under the MIT license.