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Git Changelog Bitbucket Plugin Build Status

Generates a changelog, or releasenotes, in Atlassian Bitbucket Server using Git Changelog Lib.

Available in Atlassian Marketplace.

Changelog page

The plugin adds a page on repository level where the user can select from and to branch to generate a changelog.

There are some screenshots here.


The plugin exposes the changelog as a REST API, available at /bitbucket/rest/changelog/1.0/

/{project}/{repository} - First commit to master

If you have slash / in your branch names, they should be replaced with _slash_. Because Tomcat by default does not allow slashes encoded as %2F.


The changelog is available in the context of the template. These variables are documented in Git Changelog Lib.

There are also some extended variables available in this Bitbucket plugin.

  • repositoryName Name of repository
  • repositorySlug Name of repository used in URL:s of Bitbucket
  • projectName Name of project
  • projectKey Name of project used in URL:s of Bitbucket
  • jiraUrl URL pointing to Jira, if you have one configured in Bitbucket
  • bitbucketUrl URL pointing at your Bitbucket server

Developer instructions


Generate Eclipse project:

atlas-compile eclipse:eclipse

Package the plugin:


Run Bitbucket, with the plugin, on localhost:

export MAVEN_OPTS=-Dplugin.resource.directories=`pwd`/src/main/resources
mvn bitbucket:run

You can also remote debug on port 5005 with:

mvn bitbucket:debug

Make a release (detailed instructions):

  • mvn release:prepare release:perform
  • Browse to GitHub page
  • Upload artifact
  • Write releasenotes
  • Go to Marketplace
  • Create a release