Common gradle scripts that I use for my projects
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Gradle Scripts

This is a collection of gradle scripts that I use in other projects.

Other projects can apply these scripts like this. See:

Applying them via a Maven repository means:

  • The scripts will be cached. Not downloaded for every build, making them faster, and builds can be performed when offline.
  • Versions can be released and managed in branches.
apply plugin: 'java'

project.ext.tags = ['tag1', 'tag2']
group = 'se.bjurr.x'
description = 'Library for ...'

buildscript {
 repositories {
  maven { url "" }
 dependencies {
  classpath 'com.github.tomasbjerre:gradle-scripts:master-SNAPSHOT'
apply from: project.buildscript.classLoader.getResource('java.gradle').toURI()
apply from: project.buildscript.classLoader.getResource('changelog.gradle').toURI()
apply from: project.buildscript.classLoader.getResource('release.gradle').toURI()
apply from: project.buildscript.classLoader.getResource('gradle-plugin.gradle').toURI()

Jitpack can be slow but you can increase the timeouts like this:

./gradlew build -Dhttp.socketTimeout=60000 -Dhttp.connectionTimeout=60000