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Web frontend for pom-dependency-analyzer
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Pom Dependency Analyzer Web

Build Status

Uses output of Pom Dependency Analyzer to create a browsable webpage with graphs. The webpage is completely static and can be served from Github pages, Gitlab pages or by cloning the repo and running on localhost.

API documented in swagger.yml.


./gradlew run --args="-af gh-pages/api"


-af, --api-folder <string>                 If supplied, it will dump all API-
                                           responses here.
                                           <string>: any string
                                           Default: null
-h, --help <argument-to-print-help-for>    <argument-to-print-help-for>: an argument to print help for
                                           Default: If no specific parameter is given the whole usage text is given
-ksr, --keep-server-running <boolean>      Keeps the server running.
                                           <boolean>: true or false
                                           Default: false
-md, --metadata <string>                   These key/values will be stored 
                                           together with the artifact. Can be used to 
                                           record things like artifacts git repo or 
                                           artifacts Jenkins job URL. [Supports Multiple occurrences]
                                           <string>: any string
                                           Default: Empty list
-sf, --storage-folder <string>             This is where it will look for 
                                           output of Pom Dependency Analyzer.
                                           <string>: any string
                                           Default: <user home>/.m2/repository


Developed with Gradle.


  • ./gradlew build - Build backend


You can change where the API is located by creating a file called pdaw-config.json. Place it where you deployed the frontend, same level as the index.html. It should contain::

 "apiBasePath": "http://whereveryour/api/is/located"

Developed with Vue.


  • sudo npm install -g @vue/cli - Install Vue CLI globally
  • npm install - Install dependencies
  • npm run build - Build
  • npm run serve - Serve

GUI based on:

Recommended setup:

  • Visual Studio Code
    • Extensions
      • ext install esbenp.prettier-vscode
      • ext install octref.vetur
    • Settings
      • Text editor / Formatting / Format on Save
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