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Browser extension that provides folder structure view for code in GitLab.
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GitLab code tree view

!! Important: Future of this project

Since November's update of GitLab (11.4.5?), GitLab delivers similar functionality as this extension. That is awesome! But we no longer need this extension :(. Currently it isn't working (as DOM has changed, and I haven't reflected changes), but in short future, I will get rid of the most of the code and will try to enhance new GitLab's solution. I'm removing download links, as I think the extension is no longer beneficial for new users.

This is browser extension for Chrome / Firefox / Opera (and maybe IE as well :) ) that provides tree view for code in GitLab (must have for code reviews!).

Image of plugin


Star, if you like :) Open an issue, if you find a bug or you miss something. Send a Pull Request when you decided to extend/fix (thank you for that!).

How to build

First you need NodeJS installed. Then you can install all dependencies by:

npm install

Or if you are using Yarn:

yarn install

And run a debug build:

npm run watch



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