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7dffd68 Feb 12, 2017
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//Tomas de Camino Beck
#include <math.h>
// length of arm1 and amr2 length
#define ARM1 11.5
#define ARM2 12
//90 degree calibration
#define A1_90 660
#define A2_90 361
void setup() {
//set pins A0 base potentiometer
//A1 elbow potentiometer
pinMode(A0, INPUT);
pinMode(A1, INPUT);
void loop() {
// get readings from pots
// calibrate with pot reading at 90 degrees
//base pot
int val1 = analogRead(A0);
int angle1 = map(val1, A1_90, 1022, 90, 0);
//elbow pot
int val2 = analogRead(A1);
int angle2 = map(val2, 0, A2_90, 0, 90);
//get distance from origin and angle
//remember we have to convert to radians
float c = getSide(ARM1,ARM2,PI-angle2*(PI/180));
float beta = getAngle(ARM1,ARM2,c);
//get coordinates x,y
float x = c*cos(beta+(angle1*PI/180));
float y = c*sin(beta+(angle1*PI/180));
//calibration to serial (uncomment for calibration)
//coordinates to serial (comment for cailbration)
//*********law of cosines***********
//get the angle knowing 3 sides
float getAngle(float a, float b, float c){
return acos((sq(a)+sq(c)-sq(b))/(2*a*c));
//get one side knowing two sides and opposite angle
float getSide(float a, float b, float ang){
return sqrt(sq(a)+sq(b)-2*a*b*cos(ang));