LuaSOAP provides a very simple API that convert Lua tables to and from XML documents
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LuaSOAP is a library of functions to deal with SOAP

This library depends on LuaExpat.

Here goes a small description of the files in the distribution

    README           -- This file
    index.html       -- Home page
    examples.html    -- Some examples
    license.html     -- Copyright & License
    luasoap.png      -- LuaSOAP Logo
    manual.html      -- Reference manual
    soap.lua         -- Source file
    client.lua       -- Extension module over HTTP (depends on LuaSocket)
    server.lua       -- Extension module based on CGILua
    wsdl.lua         -- Extension module with support to WSDL generation
    https.lua        -- Extension module over HTTPS (depends on LuaSec)
    test.lua         -- Overall API test script
    test-http.lua    -- Client API test script
    test-server.lua  -- Server support test script
    test-wsdl.lua    -- WSDL generation test script

$Id: README,v 1.3 2009/07/22 19:02:46 tomas Exp $