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integrate Spree with Globalize3
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Localizing model data in Spree using Globalize3.

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Add to Gemfile:

gem "globalize_spree", :git => 'git://'

Also, to be super-sure (I've ran into some trouble before that, needs investigation) add

gem "i18n"
gem "globalize3"

to your application Gemfile as well.

Now run the rake task to copy migrations and run them: rake globalize_spree:install rake db:migrate


Works OOTB.

Currently globalizes: Product (name, description), Taxon (name).

Basic usage (vanilla Globalize way)

Basically works like Globalize, so

# set the locale or do not to leave default one
I18n.locale = :en
# and you are ready to go # <= get name for this product for :en locale = "something" # <= set name for this product for :en locale

Easy Globalize Accessors

For easy editing of translated stuff for predefined locales, it uses code from easy-globalize2-accessors. Inside self.activate of your lib/spree_site.rb put

Product.class_eval do
  globalize_accessors :pl, :en, :de

And spree-globalize will replace Product form's "name" field with, respectively, "name_pl", "name_en" and "name_de" fields ("description" following same pattern) in admin panel. Try it!


More models.


Feel free to use Github issues and/or contact me via Github PM. Pull requests are welcome, provided they include some explanation (and relevant open issue maybe?).

Usual blabber

Copyright (c) 2010 Tomasz "Tomash" Stachewicz, released under the New BSD License

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