A simple application for retrieving lunch menus of selected restaurants
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A simple application for retrieving lunch menus of selected restaurants posting them directly on the web. Menus may be also sent to configured services. Supported services are currently:


Download the project and run composer install from the project directory.


A configuration must be provided in order to use the application. The configuration is stored in app/config/parameters.yml. Default values are stored in app/config/parameters.yml.dist.


The application requires two types of configuration - restaurants and output. Available options can be found using an d2s:info command:

The following command prints all registered parsers and outputs:

bin/console d2s:info 

Restaurant configuration consist of an id, uri where menu can be found and type of parser to be used. Example configuration may look like:

    'U Pětníka':
      'uri': 'http://www.drest.cz/u-petnika'
      'parser': 'drest'

Output cofiguration differs with each implementation.


    stdout: yes


      uri: "uri_with_token"
      channel: "#test"
      username: "obědář"
      icon_emoji: ":stew:"

Accessing the web

Web interface consists of a single page accessible as root resource of the application (e.g. http://server/ if application runs in the webspace root or http://server/app/ if the application runs at /app).

Other resources are available for each configured restaurant but these are not supposed for direct use (URL is /restaurantId, attention restaurantID must be URL encoded).

Using command line interface

Retrieving the menu of selected restaurant (or restaurants) and sending it to selected service is accomplished through command line interaface of the application. Use the bin/console d2s:run command. Output may be selected using an --output option. Default is stdout. Restaurants (their IDs) are given as arguments of the command.
Multiple restaurant IDs may be given at the same time.

bin/console d2s:run  'U Topolů' 'U Pětníka' 'Na Slamníku'


Fork the project and then make pull request to develop branch. Or in case of bugfixes against the release that should be fixed.

Testing server running in a container can be used to verify your code without hassle. You just need to run docker-compose up and wait for the server to start listening at Happy coding!

Extending the application

Writing custom parsers


Writing custom outputs