arduino library for A2DP bluetooth module based on BK3254 chip from Beken Corp (F-6888)
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Library for BK3254 based bluetooth audio module (F-6888)

Supported commands based on this datasheet translate by


Follow this link to


Serial command Parameter Description Instruction Description Function Responce
COM+SNAME+XXX\r\n XXX: New name, max16chars Modify the bluetooth name, take efect after restart of chip correct: OK\n / error: ERR\n
BT+PR\r\n Pairing
BT+AC\r\n The last paired device connected (connect to last device?)
BT+DC\r\n Disconect
BT+CA\r\n Answare the call
BT+CJ\r\n To reject a call
BT+CE\r\n Hang up the phone
BT+CR\r\n Last number redial
COM+PP\r\n Music Play / Pause
COM+PN\r\n next track/ FM next station
COM+PV\r\n previous piece/ FM On one
COM+VP\r\n Volume Up
COM+VD\r\n Volume down
COM+VOLx\r\n x: 0x00 - 0xAF Set the volume correct: VOLx\n / error: ERR\n
COM+MVOL\r\n Query current volume correct: VOLx\n (x:0-15) / error: ERR\n
COM+PWD\r\n Shutdown
COM+PWDS\r\n Soft-Off
COM+PWOS\r\n Soft Power
COM+MC\r\n Switching to the next operating mode
COM+MBT\r\n Bluetooth mode
COM+MSD\r\n TF/SDcard Mode (if available)
COM+MAX\r\n AUX Mode (if available)
COM+MFM\r\n FM Mode (if available)
COM+MUD\r\n USB Disk mode (if available)
COM+IQ\r\n Query the current mode
COM+MPM0\r\n Repeat All Tracks (TF/USB disk mode) correct: PLAY_ALL\n / error: ERR\n
COM+MPM1\r\n Single loop (TF/USB disk mode) correct: PLAY_ONE\n / error: ERR\n
COM+MPMC\r\n The current inquiry MP3 Play Mode (TF/USB disk mode) correct: PLAY_ALL\n / PLAY_ONE\n
COM+SMPXXXX\r\n Play selections (TF/USB disk mode) XXXX: 0001-9999, 0001 Represents the 1 first
COM+MRMP3\r\n Query currently playing MP3 Song number correct: music_mun = x\n , x: 1-9999 / error: ERR\n
COM+MMMP3\r\n Query current mode MP3 The number of songs (TF/USB disk mode) correct: MMMPx\n,x: 1-1999 / error: ERR\n
COM+MRUSB\r\n Query currently playing USB Disc song number correct: music_mun = x\n,x: 1-1999 / error: ERR\n
FM+SC\r\n FM start station search
FM+ST\r\n FM Stop station search
FM+GF\r\n Get the current radio frequency FM_FQ = 875 ~ 1081
COM+SFMXX\r\n Select FM preset 01-99 correct: FM_FQ = 998\n / error: ERR\n
COM+SETFMXXXX\r\n XXX : 875 to 1081 set up FM frequency to XXXX (0875-1080) correct: OK\n / error: ERR\n
COM+MRFM\r\n Query current FM frequency (FM Mode) correct: FM_FQ = xxx\n. xxx: 0875-1081(87.5-108.1Mhz) / error: ERR\n
COM+MMFM\r\n Query currently selected preset (FM Mode) correct: MFMxx \ n,xx: 01-99 / error: ERR\n
COM+MFFMXX\r\n Inquire FM of xx No. A frequency corresponding to (FM Mode) correct: FM_FQ = xxx\n, error: ERR\n

Query / feedback command

Serial command description Bluetooth return information
AT+MR\r\n Queries Bluetooth address AD: 191919191919\r\n
AT+MP\r\n PIN Code query PN: 0000\r\n
AT+MN\r\n Bluetooth name query NA: BK3254\r\n
AT+MO\r\n Bluetooth connection status inquiry connection succeeded: C1\r\n / no connection: C0\r\n
AT+MV\r\n Bluetooth playback status inquiry Play: MB\r\n / time out: MA\r\n / disconnect: M0\r\n
AT+MY\r\n Bluetooth inquiry HFP status disconnect: M0\r\n / connection: M1\r\n / Caller: M2\r\n / Outgoing: M3\r\n / calling: M4\r\n


Serial command description
ERROR\n error
II\r\n connection succeeded
IA\r\n disconnect
PLAY_ALL\n Repeat All Tracks (TF/SDcard Mode)
PLAY_ONE\n Repeat One Track (TF/SDcard Mode)
VOLx\n The current volume x level
FM_FQ = 1081\n Tunner frequency
music_mun = x\n Song number
IRx\n Received key value by IR
SY_PO\n Bluetooth turned on
ON\r\n Bluetooth turned on
SY_PF\n Bluetooth off
BT_AC\n Bluetooth Even being back
BT_WP\n Bluetooth In pairing state
BT_WC\n Bluetooth connection is in wait state
BT_CN\n Bluetooth connected
BT_PA\n Bluetooth Now Playing
BT_IC\n Bluetooth A call
BT_OC\n Bluetooth Telephone shot
BT_EC\n Bluetooth He is busy
SD_PA\n SD Card playing status
SD_PU\n SD Card is paused
UD_PA\n U plate Playing status
UD_PU\n U plate In a suspended state
FM_PA\n FM You are listening state
FM_PU\r\n FM In a suspended state
FM_SC\n FM The state of being seized Taiwan
AX_PA\n AUX Playing status
AX_PU\n AUX In a suspended state