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Grails Email Validator Plugin

The Email Validator plugin provides extensive checking of email addresses.

What does it do?

It helps answer the following questions:

  • Does this email have valid syntax?
  • Does this domain exist?
  • Can I send an email to this domain?
  • Does the user exist in this mail domain?

How do I use it?

In your code, call:

EmailStatus status = EmailValidatorService.check( "" ) 

This will return an EmailStatus object. It has the following properties

boolean syntaxValid   // the address entered has valid email syntax 
boolean domainValid   // the domain exists and mail servers can connect to it
boolean verified      // the user exists in the remote mail server

Additionally, there is a subfield in EmailStatus called SmtpServer, which provides the following information:

String domain                   // email domain name
String mxRecord                 // name of preferred mx record
boolean valid                   // has a MX record for the mail server
boolean canConnect              // can connect to this SMTP server
boolean acceptsVerifyRequests   // can accept VRFY calls


These options are configurable via your application's Config.groovy file:

PropertyDefault ValueWhat does it do?
emailvalidator.checkDomainstruewhen enabled, will check a domain name for validity and try to see if a mail connection can be made.
emailvalidator.checkVRFYfalsewhen enabled, will issue a VRFY command to see if the user exists in the remote mail server. Little utility in reality since most servers would have this disabled
emailvalidator.useCachetrueuses a database cache to store smtp requests. This means that common domains ( like gmail ) are only checked once until your database melts down.

Implementation details

  • Email syntax validation is done via the Apache Commons EmailValidator.

  • Domain validity is calculated by getting the first MX Record for that domain and trying to connect to it.

  • The validity of an email is checked by issuing a VRFY command to the server. In most cases, this would be turned off.

  • For usage examples, please refer to the EmailValidatorServiceSpec1 integration test.

Gotchas / Tips

  • If you don't want to do domain checking, it is preferrable to use the Apache Commons EmailValidator rather than this whole plugin.

  • If you disable domain checking, the smtpServer property will be null.

  • Most mail servers will have the VRFY field disabled to prevent spam. This means that in most cases, you won't know if an email address is 100% valid unless you send an email to it. The verified field of the email status is going to most often be false.

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