Coding kata to practice TDD and some file operations with Java and JUnit.
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File operations coding kata

Coding kata to practice some file operations using Java and TDD.

About coding kata:

Useful JUnit tips

  • Mark your test cases with @Test annotations. You don’t need to prefix your test cases with “test”. In addition, your class does not need to extend from “TestCase” class.

  • Use @Before and @After annotations for “setup” and “tearDown” methods respectively. They run before and after every test case.

  • Use @BeforeClass and @AfterClass annotations for class wide “setup” and “tearDown” respectively. Think them as one time setup and tearDown. They run for one time before and after all test cases.

  • Exception Handling: use “expected” paramater with @Test annotation for test cases that expect exception. Write the class name of the exception that will be thrown.

  • Put @Ignore annotation for test cases you want to ignore. You can add a string parameter that defines the reason to ignore the test.

  • Define a timeout period in miliseconds with “timeout” parameter. The test fails when the timeout period exceeds.

  • JUnit tutorial: